OhS advertisement for spectacles 1800.jpgAdvertisement for Spectacles- 1800s

Rivet Spectacles four types and case copyRivet Spectacles – The first wearable vision aid.

Top Left
Reproduction based on the Trig Lane, London, UK discovery, circa 1440
Top Right
Reproduction based on the fragment found at Merton Priory, Surry, UK, 1400 -1600
Bottom Left
Reproduction based on the Bergen-op-Zoom, Netherlands discovery. Late 14th – early15th century
Bottom Right
Reproduction based on the spectacles in the  Pannello dipinto (dett.) di San Girolamo, Sant Martino e San Sebastiano, 1450, ca Museo Nazionale di Arte della Catalogna – MNAC, Barcellona (Spagna)
Far Right
Reproduction Leather case for Rivet Spectacles.

ohs english folding nose spectacles c 1770English Folding Nose Spectacles- c.1770

ohs visual spectacles w green convex glasses and horn annuli.png

Visual Spectacles with Green Convex Glasses and Horn Annuli

Nuremburg glasses

Nuremberg  nose glasses from the 17th century


ohs assortment of spectacles 19th centuryAssortment of spectacles from the 19th century