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The Ocular Heritage Society  was founded in 1984 by Audrey Davis at the Smithsonian Institute. The Society is a friendly rather than competitive group composed of members who appreciate, conserve and collect items relating to the ophthalmic sciences. Many are accomplished historians specializing in such topics as spectacles, quackery, instrumentation and the personalities of the ophthalmic sciences.   


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About Us

The Ocular Heritage Society is an organized forum for the study of ophthalmic history and artifacts. Membership varies from  ophthalmic practitioners, those from the ophthalmic industries, antique collectors and dealers, hobbyists, researchers and museum professionals.

If your interest is antique spectacles and eyeglasses, ophthalmoscopes or other eye-related antiques, you will find others with similar interests in the Ocular Heritage Society.

 The annual meeting of the Ocular Heritage Society members provides an opportunity for the presentation of research, stimulation of interest in new topics, tours of sites of ophthalmic interest, socializing, displays of ophthalmic antique collections, auction and an exchange for ophthalmic artifacts.

There are usually tours of museums with major collections of ophthalmic-related antiques, and members often are allowed to examine artifacts that are not on public display. Whether your interest is professional, collecting, or research  – the Ocular Heritage Society is the place for you!

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